Condensation and packaging

Production and bottling lines are under increased pressure to be more flexible and efficient. As as result, it is common to find that bottles and cans are packed whilst either still warm or extremely cold, and this can lead to problems - especially during the winter and summer months. Adverse reactions to the ambient temperature can lead to condensation and this in turn can damage packaging, resulting in unstable loads.


One of our customers manufacture a range of bottled ciders that are pasteurised as part of the brewing process. This means that the bottles are still warm when they are packed.

The problem with a regular film

In the past our customer used a regular stretch film. This meant that the branded labels, which they apply to all their bottles, were damaged as a result of the condensation. Also, in many cases the goods would arrive sitting in a small puddle of water.

Introducing Air-O-Film

Our customer found that Air-O-Film® Stretch solved their condensation problem immediately. In tests it also outperformed their incumbent film, offering over 60% more tensile strength when placed under strain.

Better Aeration = Increased Sales

With the condensation issue solved our customer no longer experienced the spoiling problems associated with water damage. As a result they found that their products looked better on the shelf and therefore sold more.