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Product overview

Because Air-O-Film® Standard is pre-stretched, it provides excellent performance. Specially formulated, it combines maximum elongation with performance, offering a high tensile strength. This ensures that even the heaviest loads will remain secure during transportation.

Less Material - Less Waste

Air-O-Film® Standard offers the smallest weight per metre of any film of its type. As well as being fully recycleable, it provides one other important benefit to the environment - it has been designed to ensure that loads can be secured using less material. That means you need fewer wraps, use less plastic and therefore save more money.

Manual or Machine Application

Air-O-Film® Standard is available in rolls that are suitable to both hand and semi-automatic machine application. No matter what your business or industry, we have a type of film that will compliment your operations.

High Visibility & Great Appearance

Air-O-Film® Standard is manufactured using the finest components which provide superb clarity and excellent pallet appearance. Wrapping a load in Air-O-Film ® Standard sends a clear message to your customers - that you care about the quality of your product and are doing everything in your power to ensure that it arrives in the best possible condition.

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