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Product overview

Air-O-Film® Flowra is a ventilated stretch film that has been specifically designed for the floricultural market. Its unique properties were developed following extensive research into the needs of both growers and distributors.

Aeration in transportation

In order to guarantee an excellent product, floricultural products need to breathe at all times. If moisture is allowed to build up or if there is not a sufficient amount of air circulating then they can become damaged and spoiled. Air-O-Film® Flowra helps to prevent this.

Protecting the load

The carefully measured aeration that Air-O-Film® Flowra provides not only helps to maintain a controlled environment, it also protects the load, ensuring that leaves and flowers remain within the trolley. This ensures that the load always arrives in the best possible condition.

User friendly

Wrapping a trolley with Air-O-Film® Flowra couldn't be easier. It offers a smooth application, can be torn by hand at the end of the wrapping process, and is self adhesive.

Inner tack / outer slip

Ease of use when wrapping is critical and so we designed Air-O-Film® Flowra so that only the inner side has tack. The outside remains slippy ensuring that trolleys can be loaded onto trucks and transported without any problems.

Low weight / high elasticity

One of the most important elements of Air-O-Film® Flowra is the way that it is constructed. Using a carefully controlled formula, it offers a high level of elasticity from a surprisingly thin film. This also makes it much easier for you to apply.

Environmentally friendly

Because less film is used, less plastic is needed. This means that Air-O-Film® Flowra is much kinder on the enviroment because it creates less waste. Also, because you only use one component when wrapping it is much easier to dispose of. Air-O-Film® Flowra is 100% recycleable.

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