Air-O-Film® Flowra - Keeping Nature Beautiful

Plants and flowers are big business with the global industry worth well in excess of $250bn. Some of our largest customers are based in the Netherlands, the worlds largest hub for flower and plant distribution. As a result, we understand the problems that can arise when transporting floricultural products.

The Need to Breathe

Plants, by their very nature, need to breathe. They ingest carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. If there is not a suitable amount of circulation then this oxygen gets trapped and the plants will eventually start to suffocate. Left long enough they will become seriously damaged and, in extreme cases, even die. The problem is that if they are wrapped in a solid stretch film, the trolley on which they are transported can become ‘sealed’, preventing the load from breathing.

The Moisture Problem

Furthermore, condensation be a real issue - especially during the summer months. Whether it is a change in the ambient temperature as plants and flowers are transported across different climates or just moisture escaping from the soil, surface water can be extremely damaging if it comes into contact with the vegetation.

The Solution:

Using Air-o-Film® Flowra plants and flowers are able to breathe naturally. They arrive healthy, attractive and ready for sale. Furthermore, during interviews many retailers have expressed the view that if they receive goods wrapped in Air-o-Film® Flowra it is an indication that the grower really cares and therefore offers a superior product.