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Product overview

When it comes to wrapping loads by hand, performance is everything. The ideal solution not only needs to be quick, cost effective and user friendly. It should also be fit for purpose, providing a high level of strength, elasticity and self adhesion.

Many modern organisations find that almost any regular stretch film can provide them with these characteristics. However, they remain a solid film. What do you use when your load needs to breathe?

The answer is Air-O-Film® Flex and Flex Plus.

High elasticity

Air-O-Film® Flex has been specially formulated to offer a high level of flexibility. This means that not only can the film be pulled tighter, it will mould itself to whatever load it is applied to. This ensures a secure load every time.

User friendly

When you pick up a roll of Air-O-Film® Flex, the first thing that you will notice is that
it is easy to find the end of the film. This saves you valuable time and keeps your blood pressure down!

Tear by hand

Once you have finished wrapping your load you will find that it is very easy to tear by hand. No blades needed here!

Self adhesive properties

Air-O-Film® Flex is made up of several layers of plastics. The innermost layer has enhanced cling properties that encourages the film to stick to itself - without ever damaging the load. This means that once you have finished wrapping, the loose film will not tangle or trail from the pallet, ensuring an attractive load at all times.

Light yet strong

Because Air-O-Film® Flex is so thin it means that each roll is light and therefore easy to work with. However, this does not come at the expense of performance. In tests, Air-O-Film® Flex provides a great level of support.

High visibility

Air-O-Film® Flex is manufactured using the finest components, providing unrivalled clarity and pallet appearance.

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