Temperature and the brewing process

Change in temperature is an integral part of the seven typical stages of brewing beers. From mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, and filtering, through to the eventual filling process, beers are heated and cooled to varying extents, depending on the individual ale. For the majority of the production, these conditions are carefully controlled by the equipment that is used. However, it is the final process, that of filling, where unforseen issues can often arise.

The issue at Carlsberg Export

When the bottles were placed into retail packaging they were often still warm. Once they were palletised and wrapped in solid film this heat had no way of dispersing. The result can be seen above. Not only were these wet boxes spoiled they were also inherently weaker and on a number of occasions entire pallets collapsed, costing over £1,000 per load as well as a loss goodwill with their customers.

Improved pallet stability

Air-O-Film® Stretch 200 solved the condensation issue immediately and also helped to dramatically improve the stability of its loads.

Fast and easy machine application

Because Air-O-Film® Stretch is specifically designed to cope with large, heavy loads The customer now has greater peace of mind; they are doing their very best for both their employees safety and their brands integrity.

Better Aesthetics = Improved Goodwill

By using Air-O-Film® Stretch the customer knows that every order will arrive in immaculate condition. This minimises the risk of returned consignments. Furthermore, well presented products that are 'retail ready' stand a greater chance of selling.