Air-O-Film® Agri - Keeping fruit fresh all over the world

Modern Fruit Consumption

Increased choice and all year availability have raised modern consumer expectations to such a level that retailers find it an ongoing challenge to maintain supply. Not only must store shelves must be full at all times it is essential that any produce delivered is in the best possible condition in order for it to appeal to the shopper. And so it is for many of our customers in South America. With so much of their business coming from the export market transportation is a critical factor in the South American growers business.

Life Below Deck

Most fruit is transported across sea and this means loading the hull of a ship with hundreds upon hundreds of pallets. However, this raises two main issues; aeration and stability.

Too much aeration and the produce can ripen too quickly, resulting in a reduced shelf life and, in extreme cases, the rotting of product. One the other hand, too little aeration and it can lead to a build up of stale air, which acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This issue can be further exacerbated in cases where the goods are sold into different climates, i.e. from hot and humid countries to cooler ones.

Furthermore, when transporting goods over large distances, the oceans and seas can be turbulent. Typhoons are an annual occurrence and so in order for the load to be delivered in its best condition it needs to arrive in one piece!

The Solution:

By switching to Air-O-Film® Agri the South American growers were able to make sure that their produce was not only fully secure, it was also able to breathe naturally. As a result, goods arrived in perfect condition, fit and ready to be sold to the consumer. This resulted in less wastage and increased profits. Also, because all Air-O-Film® is easy to remove and fully recyclable, the retailers were able to meet their environmental responsibilities.

Using a regular stretch film our customers found that the produce simply could not breathe in the way that it is supposed to. Corners and straps on the other hand were relatively expensive, time consuming and difficult to fit. Not only this, with green issues at the forefront of consumers minds and tough environmental legislation being pushed through by local government agencies, retailers themselves are looking to receive goods that are packaged in materials that can be recycled effectively.