Vented Stretch Films

Megaplast is a leading manufacturer of ventilated (perforated) stretch film worldwide. Our patented range of Air-O-Film® products are proof of this. Air-O-Film® products are high performance ventilated stretch films, satisfying customers' requirements in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. Air-O-Films® are applied to pallet wrapping of various load types for machine & manual applications while it serves wide range of markets:


  • Patent Granted!
  • Prevents condensation by allowing the load to breathe
  • Perfect with products that are heated, chilled, breathable, wet or fumigated
  • Can secure any type of load light or heavy (box, bags & sacs, trollies)
  • Applies to manual & semi or fully automatic wrapping machines
  • Offers maximum aeration combined with maximum strength
  • Less material use for wrapping a load when compared to the alternative solutions
  • Minimisation of the packaging cost as it costs less to wrap a pallet
  • Requires less film to stabilise the pallet
  • Quicker and easier to apply than corner boards and straps
  • Excellent holding force – perfect pallet stabilisation without damaging the carton boxes or other packed materials
  • Low weight – high elasticity
  • Improves plant efficiency by removing lengthy steps from the manufacturing process, thus saving considerable amounts of money
  • 100% recyclable

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